Killing Me – A Phillips & Phillips Single

Wifey and I did this song ages ago but for whatever reason, never officially released any version of it until now. Here’s the new, final mix and this marks our very first product release, meaning you can buy it everywhere! So, do it. We’ve got another 4 songs in production continuing our MUSIC MADE IN LOVE series which will be coming down the pipeline over the next weeks/months. Learn more about Phillips & Phillips here.

What’s Wrong With Just Being Black – Tywanza Sanders’ Last Stand

DJ Sir Charlie London, PMG Music and myself finished what the deceased victim Tywanza Sanders (aka Fresh Wanza) started some months ago. Tywanza wrote this song, like a few others, depicting what seems to be his ‘black experience’ and poses the now ironical question…what’s wrong just being black? I’m thinking the answer is, “not being white.” but that’s just me… I hope!! Be aware–explicit lyrics, as often with Hip Hop.

The plan is that the Sanders family use the song to make some money. Last time I checked, insurance doesn’t cover being murdered by some ruthless white racist terrorist fucker. At the time of posting this, the song can be downloaded free right here.

6 Month Anniversay With Bella

Don’t get too excited now, Bella is a dog. Sure, she’s the greatest dog there is and that’s why we are celebrating. Six months ago we rescued her and she is originally from Ireland – Ex-racing Greyhound. She’s come a long way indeed and I don’t just mean geographically. We are excited to see what the next six months bring. Have you rescued a greyhound yet? :)

URBANITE – The Anti-Terror Artist

Damn psyched to be able to work with this daring artist out of Baltimore who goes by the name URBANITE and old partner in crime (producer) Sir Charlie London on URBANITE’S 2015 release, “Sayin’ Whatcha’ Thinkin'”. He’s taking on idiots like ISIS and any other moronic extremists out there and his weapon of choice is urban-alternative music–a’la Hip Hop.

It’s all quite new, so if you can get behind this ANTI-TERROR PROJECT, please drop a LIKE on his Facecrook page now. Twitter is @UrbaniteSongs for all you tweeties out there.