Bad ABBA vs Good SPCA

One of my favorite POP bands of all time is ABBA. Yeah, like millions of others around the globe. Anyway, I was exceptionally disappointed to learn that the band refused to let the SPCA use their song “Take A Chance On Me” for what is clearly an excellent (non-profit) cause.

Their decision left me no other option than to reproduce that song and grant free rights to the SPCA to use it. So together with my partner Susy we made an all-new version that’s frankly, ALMOST as good as the original. :-)

So, that’s whats up. PLEASE SHARE THE CLIP.

iTunes Featuring Kamary Phillips

It’s nice to see my music being sold online LEGALLY for once! So of course I’m going to help promote the sh*t out of it. I hope you stop by the world’s largest online retailer and pick up a song or three for your hungry iPod or other MP3 player.

Besides my own little online Disto-shop, iTunes, Amazon and Google-Play are the only places (right now) I’ve given consent to sell my shite. Anywhere else is pirating. Not that you care, eh? :) At any rate, thanks to all my freaky online comrades for spreading the word to more than 150 countries where Kamary Phillips Music is available.


Diamonds – Rihanna vs Kamary Phillips

My gal pal Lesley suggested I cover this song called Diamonds. I’d never heard of it and was surprised after Tubing it to find out it was a Rihanna hit. Not being a fan (though I could imagine shaggin’…) I thought WTFN?? Since Lesley liked the finished result so much and I quote “Holy shit balls…awesome!” I thought it deserved some kind of video. Who knows, maybe Rihanna will see it and take me on tour as a Roadie. :)

Enjoy, if you possibly can! Feel free to comment…play nice.

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