Killing Me – A Phillips & Phillips Single

Wifey and I did this song ages ago but for whatever reason, never officially released any version of it until now. Here’s the new, final mix and this marks our very first product release, meaning you can buy it everywhere! So, do it. We’ve got another 4 songs in production continuing our MUSIC MADE IN LOVE series which will be coming down the pipeline over the next weeks/months. Learn more about Phillips & Phillips here.

What’s Wrong With Just Being Black – Tywanza Sanders’ Last Stand

DJ Sir Charlie London, PMG Music and myself finished what the deceased victim Tywanza Sanders (aka Fresh Wanza) started some months ago. Tywanza wrote this song, like a few others, depicting what seems to be his ‘black experience’ and poses the now ironical question…what’s wrong just being black? I’m thinking the answer is, “not being white.” but that’s just me… I hope!! Be aware–explicit lyrics, as often with Hip Hop.

The plan is that the Sanders family use the song to make some money. Last time I checked, insurance doesn’t cover being murdered by some ruthless white racist terrorist fucker. At the time of posting this, the song can be downloaded free right here.

URBANITE – The Anti-Terror Artist

Damn psyched to be able to work with this daring artist out of Baltimore who goes by the name URBANITE and old partner in crime (producer) Sir Charlie London on URBANITE’S 2015 release, “Sayin’ Whatcha’ Thinkin'”. He’s taking on idiots like ISIS and any other moronic extremists out there and his weapon of choice is urban-alternative music–a’la Hip Hop.

It’s all quite new, so if you can get behind this ANTI-TERROR PROJECT, please drop a LIKE on his Facecrook page now. Twitter is @UrbaniteSongs for all you tweeties out there.

Leap Into 2015

Take a leap of faith into the new year with a couple newbies from my ever growing digital catalogue. I’m sure at least one of these is perfect for your playlist! :)

kp leap of faith cover

Get LEAP OF FAITH on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Beats Music, Rdio, Deezer, and YouTube Music Key.

never gonna stop cover

Get NEVER GONNA STOP on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Beats Music, Rdio, Deezer, and YouTube Music Key!

Kamary Phillips Band – Carolina Beach Bum Covers

Here are 14 of your favorite covers we recorded live in Carolina Beach, North Carolina earlier this summer. These are from the same live sessions of original music I released on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and Beats, called KAMARY PHILLIPS, CAROLINA BEACH BUM.

US vs. UK Law Enforcement

Kajieme Powell, a 25-year-old black man was killed on the street recently because he approached police officers with a knife. This has yet again highlighted the extreme measure American police officers take against the public when they believe they are in danger.

The officers told him repeatedly to drop the weapon. He didn’t, so they shot him 7-9 time at close range, until dead. With several shots fired after he was on the ground. As if one or two well placed bullets in the legs wouldn’t have deterred the situation at close range.

In this video, you’ll see how UK officers deal with a similar situation and keep in mind, most UK cops do not carry firearms but of course, some do. First and foremost, the officers AVOID the danger, without resulting to murdering people on public streets.

The problem is, Police protocol. In the USA, officers are allowed to apply lethal force when there is “probable cause” that they will be physically threatened. That basically means any cop can say, “I thought the guy was gonna hurt me, so I killed him”. It’s such a wishy-washy and open ended definition from which hundreds of people in America die every year because of cops being allowed to play judge and jury on the job. Most of those deaths are black people. Fact. Now, compare that to the zero deaths from cop shootings in the UK the last two years up till now, and not a single UK cop being killed as a result.

US cops, “To protect and to serve.” who, actually? Are you really so surprised people of color are so pissed off? Wake up! How dumb are you all?

Just purely out of curiousity, I would like these Protester TV people or someone to kick some stats regarding the ratio of how many white cops kill people vs. cops of color. Any takers?

How We Found Beautiful Bella

Hm, beautiful Bella – perhaps a tad redundant but in this case WTF cares? :-) This is the latest member of my little family and certainly to be one of the few reasons that makes me move my ass out of the studio and get outside. I know you other studio-rats know exactly what I’m talking about.

Bad ABBA vs Good SPCA

One of my favorite POP bands of all time is ABBA. Yeah, like millions of others around the globe. Anyway, I was exceptionally disappointed to learn that the band refused to let the SPCA use their song “Take A Chance On Me” for what is clearly an excellent (non-profit) cause.

Their decision left me no other option than to reproduce that song and grant free rights to the SPCA to use it. So together with my partner Susy we made an all-new version that’s frankly, ALMOST as good as the original. :-)

So, that’s whats up. PLEASE SHARE THE CLIP.

iTunes Featuring Kamary Phillips

It’s nice to see my music being sold online LEGALLY for once! So of course I’m going to help promote the sh*t out of it. I hope you stop by the world’s largest online retailer and pick up a song or three for your hungry iPod or other MP3 player.

Besides my own little online Disto-shop, iTunes, Amazon and Google-Play are the only places (right now) I’ve given consent to sell my shite. Anywhere else is pirating. Not that you care, eh? :) At any rate, thanks to all my freaky online comrades for spreading the word to more than 150 countries where Kamary Phillips Music is available.


I Can’t Dance

Artistically speaking, I can do a lot of different and interesting things–most quite well. Dancing however, is not one of them LOL! Does that stop me from trying? Obviously NOT. :)

Diamonds – Rihanna vs Kamary Phillips

My gal pal Lesley suggested I cover this song called Diamonds. I’d never heard of it and was surprised after Tubing it to find out it was a Rihanna hit. Not being a fan (though I could imagine shaggin’…) I thought WTFN?? Since Lesley liked the finished result so much and I quote “Holy shit balls…awesome!” I thought it deserved some kind of video. Who knows, maybe Rihanna will see it and take me on tour as a Roadie. :)

Enjoy, if you possibly can! Feel free to comment…play nice.

Jimi Hendrix’s Last Interview

Has it really been almost 43 years since the death of one of my most influential archetypes. Strange to consider that his death marked the era of my birth. I would have enjoyed meeting him that’s for sure. More ironically, growing up I remember not being willing to perform his tunes in public. At the time I was always trying to establish my own way. My sound. Little did I know he’d already done that for me. Young and dumb…young and dumb.

Now that I’ve outlived the master, I can only dream of what life would have been had I only embraced the sonic spirit thats been at my side the last 25 years. Old and wise…old and wise.

Ant, Jeff, Kam And Xela

I’m guessing these recordings are from 1994 or thereabouts. I was developing an act called JAK LO-FI with my best friends at the time, Jeff (Drums) and Anthony (Bass). I was a single Dad back then for a couple of years before the psycho X literally stole the kid one afternoon, never to be seen by me again to this day. Xela, the kid, loved the guys and music at home was a fairly daily occurrence. She loved it and would try to sing every chance she got. She was also good at sleeping through any jam she saw fit to LOL!

Jeff and I still get along famously. In fact, he was Best Dude at my hitching. As for Antman, never hear from him sad to say. Hope he’s well and still rockin!

The N Word – Ant and Jeff in S.F.

Never Let You Down – Ant and Jeff in S.F.

I Don’t Need You – Ant and Jeff in S.F.

The Way I Must Be – Ant and Jeff in S.F.

Jesus Christ – Ant and Jeff in S.F.

Turn You On Live In Studio

“Turn You On” remains one of my favorite originals ever. To this date it’s still never been recorded for an official release so it’s still up for grabs LOL! I guess socially conscious lyrics aren’t necessarily cool anymore, eh? :( Rock on any way!!

Click here for Mobile Video version.

Trouble viewing video here? Check it out on Youtube!

Obama’s Job Creation

With all the numbers and confusing figures floating around in regards to the economy and job creation in this 2012 election, here is a simple graphic to help all of you visual people better understand the real state of things. Forward this!


Chart: 31 consecutive months of job growth and 5.2 million new private sector jobs.

Amazing Axeman

This guy is one of the most amazing guitarist that walks the earth. Make sure you find out who he is and check them out. *HINT: his name sounds like Azhar Kamal :-)

[fvplayer src=’’ width=500 height=400 splash=’’]

Fire These Fuckers

Hey Peeps!

If you went to work and did little besides having your thumbs up your ass and blocked everyone else from getting the jobs they were hired to do done, you’d be fired and rightfully so. Right?

But this Tea Party Congress thinks they can get away with it just that. Sadly, so far they have. Ultimately, we’re to blame if you believe in Democracy.

They’ve blocked nearly every single item President Obama has proposed, all while pushing an extreme right-wing 20120926-003131.jpgagenda that puts millionaire tax breaks before the middle class. Haven’t you had enough of it? Of course not if you’re one of those 1% Americans controlling all wealth. Did you know Mitt Romney has over 300 million dollars to his name. Yeah for him! But what about regular people like you and me?

Help us send 100,000 Tea Party Pink Slips to Boehner and Cantor! Just click the Pic or follow the link below and . add your name. It WILL make a difference.

It’s clear the Tea Party experiment has failed so lets ell them it’s time to pack their bags and get the hell out of our house!!

Do it.

Nutbush City Limits Feat. Kamary Phillips On Drums


Recently my girl Susy’s band U17 needed a drummer on short notice because theirs went away on vacation. Since drums are my favorite instrument and I rarely get to play them (never owned any) I jumped at the chance to sit in. Of course I didn’t know that singing was part if the deal. LOL!

At any rate I’m happy with the result despite never having sang (nor played) any Tina Turner song before and we all got along famously! Here’s the result!


Facebook Takes Profiles Hostage

Hello friend!

Thanks for stopping by. As my real friends know I always have something to bitch about particularly when it comes to Facebook. My latest gripe isn’t even a new one. It’s just come to the point where I am essentially fed up and need to voice my feelings and opinions about the world’s favorite social network.

Therefore I’ve created my own name for it which I call Facecrook. This is the first episode or installment and actually, I hope there’s no need for another but only time will reveal that.

Facebook will at some point deny you access to your profile, if indeed you have not yet experienced that inconvenience. This video is an account of what happened to me. Check it out and by all means comment below and let me know if you are in a similar predicament.


Fly Me To The Moon – Me And Manuel Vandemosselaar – 2008 Revisited

Since my recent performance with the Fink and Steinbach Orchestra, it inspired me to find some other types of diverse music that I’ve created in the past. In this case I appeared as my musical alter-ego, Mr. Cohen.

I love the whole Rat Pack era, particularly Frank Sinatra tunes. In the video below is the first time I ever sang “Fly Me To The Moon” and even more unique, this performance is done hundreds of miles apart from the guitar player named Manuel. We collaborated via YouTube and quite frankly, we never did communicate again after this experience. Who knows, maybe we’ll do another collaboration one day. He’s a brilliant guitarist so check him out.

Kamary Rehearsing Footloose And Can You Feel The Love Tonight

In a few days I’ll be performing my first concert with an actual orchestra; The Fink & Steinbach Orchestra to be exact. Needless to say, I’m quite excited about it. It can only be better if I were performing all of my own songs, ha ha!

However this concert has a theme and that theme is “Movies Meets Music.” that’s why I’m practicing the song Footloose and Can You Feel The Love Tonight. The Elton John song, I wasn’t very much a fan of but after singing it 100 times it’s starting to grow on me, ha ha! We’re performing in Sterzing Italy so I don’t count on seeing any of my Peeps but I’ll get some video happening!

In the video below, both audio playback’s are simply rehearsal tapes and nothing actual. Enjoy!

Usain Bolt – How Fast Is Fast

Sure, Usain Bolt is mad-fast but just how fast is he compared to all those other guys from ‘Sprinting Past’? To find out, check out this clip from Kevin Quealy and Graham Roberts for some interesting chow for thinking!

Learn more from the source here.

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