Bonny Trashes The Flat

Well, since I’ve been gone its rather clear who’s missing me; Our Great Dane Bonny. Too bad she can’t express it in another way! I’m sure she’s suddenly bored and lonely since we spend pretty much every day together when I’m home.

A Bored Bonny
A Bored Bonny

Too bad she can’t manage to use a computer. Then she could skype me and we could hang out all day that way, LOL! Poor thing. I love you Bonny-lein.

Welcome To Los Angeles

lala-landYeah, back in Los Angeles! It’s a pretty good feeling. My first full day back was Saturday, 23rd so today is day-three. So far, I’ve already looked at two places to live and seeing another today, went to a smashing party, had 2 jam sessions and played drums on this one ==>

, got a new cell #, met an old friend, went to a doctor, went to a concert but arrived too late, got an alternative medicine license, fought with my GF, got lost, joined 2 cannabis collectives, started building a website and social network for Mission:Control, nailed down a drummer for my band Echophonics, found a new German Speaking friend, started planning for a live music event in March, made up with my GF and a couple of other things happened as well.

Now to make some $ and move in some where before Feb. 1st.

My Grandmother’s Sexy Young Girlfriend

Yeah, I knew that’d get your attention. Freak-os! She’s a girl and I’m sure they’re friends but thats as far as it goes. My GM’s 93 years old in that picture. When I think of that and look at that pic, I’m like “Damn, I hope I’m healthy and hanging out with girls like that in 50 years!” Goddess knows it ain’t happening now, LOL!

I might have mentioned in an earlier post that her man (my Grandfather Joseph) died a month ago and as far as I know she’s doing quite well considering. I’ll track her down one of these days, latest January when I’m back in the U.S.S.A! I LOVE YOU GRANDMA! I’m waiting for details about who the photographer is. I’m hoping it’s a relative. Stay tuned…

My Grandmother Dorothy Phillips at 93 years old.
My Grandmother Dorothy Phillips at 93 years old.

Oktoberfest 2008 Flashback – Boob Quest

Look what I dug up. Pretty much by accident since trying to clear some hard drive space so that I can get some work done. Work?? What’s that? Yeah, yeah… whatever. Anyway, Oktoberfest 2009 begins in a matter of days so it seemed quite fitting to give y’all a glance at the world renown craziness since many of you have never been and many more never will. Here’s me and my pal Silke messin’ around just before we started our yearly tent-hopping tour! LOL!

Home Sweet & Sour Home

First off, I’m glad to be back home. Home being the outskirts of Hamburg Germany the last years. Before that, was Mannheim Germany and before that was Munich (nineties).

Wifey’s on vacation too so she’s got time to just hang out and that’s a nice thing as well. Since our dude dog died almost 2 weeks ago, it’s been really lame energy around here. Now that I’m back I hope I’m should be able to distract the girls (wifey & chick dog) from some all of that mutual sadness and brighten things up a bit around here.

First thing I have to do is get on the TIME man! It’s so easy to let jet lag get the best of you if you don’t get right on the local schedule. I stayed up until 6am last night and forced myself to wake up 4 hours later. Hopefully that jolts me on the time frame. We’ll see how dead I feel later today.

Not long after being home again or arriving fresh in the United States, I always pick out the little things that one continent has better than the other. You know, the grass is always greener (or stronger) on the other side of the fence. Something like that. Anyway, today’s difference is the Mayonnaise.


I know, seems like a small gripe. Sure. BUT after years of questioning why the heck the Europeans can’t master this stuff is beyond me. Even worse, the capitalistic US of A hasn’t managed to strike a deal with fukn Aldi or some other food giant around here? I’m telling you…a fortune lies in that arrangement for sure, ha!

I’m sure to come up with other puny reasons to miss America. Of course a big reason is echophonics! My new band. Fresh together, a couple very good gigs under our belt, a game plan and some natural chemistry together. Ja, ja…I had to muck things up by going home. 🙁 Of course the plane ticket was booked before the band even existed but still sucky timing all around.

It’s just a matter of time before everything comes together. I’m quite certain of that. Hang around and find out what happens…