Me and StyleTV

Finally got to work with Erin Bridges again on the StyleTV show. She’s been quite out of the loop as of late and before that I found myself preoccupied with a wine company’s marketing efforts essentially putting personal projects to the side.

Now having more and more time since work is slow I’m able to focus on those projects again and that’s one of the positive things about being jobless, LOL!

Erins next show covers her recent trip to Wisconsin, from where the seemingly California girl hails from. Always funny and attractive, Erin Bridges promises to deliver an entertaining escape from your daily internet humdrum.


Jack’s Old 1978 Chevy Hydrogen

What the fuk happened to this country? Where would we be today if people had continued with such entrepreneurial spirit? And leave it to a Canadian (foreign) broadcaster, even back then, to pick up on it and share it with their world. Yeah, some things haven’t changed a bit. Kudos Kanada!


Then Keep Your Big Mouth Shut

I don’t know why I care but sometimes colleagues escapades are just too much and can’t go ignored, though I’ve tried. This is just some pretty pathetic shite, must say. I don’t know how long those clips will remain online, as if it were me I’d ditch ’em right quick!

As for my opinion, Perez you’re a punk. However the difference with me and, I’d have smacked you myself. When you throw down fightin’ words you’d best be ready to fight! What planet are you from anyway? No you don’t have the right to say what you want, when you want and to whom you wish without consequences. Spoiled kid with little/no parenting I’d guess Perez, and no I don’t care enough about you to Google and find out for sure. and Perez