Lost At Sea

Yo Peeps!

I figured it’s about time I posted something new, something positive. I’ve cooped myself up in my little studio world to work on a lot of new tracks for my band lately. In between I got caught up with producing a song for a new film, through one of my Los Angeles connections.

Now after listening to it several times I must say I am very, very pleased with the results. The song is called LOST AT SEA and it’s meant to portray that romantic, seafaring vibe that so many people have in their mind when they think about working on a ship or being out on the ocean.


If you take a look at the lyrics below, you can see the story of a man who is missing a woman. Yeah, I know, nothing new and that’s just the reason why this song works, ha! Anyway, give it a read and after that have a listen. Feel free to comment below.

Lost At Sea – written by PMG Music

It’s been three years and a day or so since I last saw you

For all I know you think I’m dead

On the eve after we made sweet love for the first time

A drunken fool got hit on the head

And woke up at sea with the world behind me

Many days and many nights sailing under the same sky

that you look up to with a tears in your eyes

Wondering just where I’ve gone because now it’s far too long

And it’s coming to the time where you move on

I’m lost at sea with the world behind me

Drop a tear in the ocean when you think of me

Your love and devotion will always haunt me

This sea of love in motion is floating me high above the ocean

I can see a child who’s loved and wholesome, your family

Can’t get beyond the notion it looks like me

Drop a tear in the ocean when you think of me

Your love and devotion is still haunting me

From ocean to ocean and sea to sea

Your love and devotion will always be

Like a tear in the ocean it’s so hard to see

Perpetual motion I’m lost at sea

“LOST AT SEA” written, performed, produced by Kamary Phillips

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Okay, enough of you have asked for a convenient service to buy my music using your Cellphone/Handy. I’ll try this on a few songs and see how it goes.

Here’s the song to sample; HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Happy New Year – The Song

Hello everybody!

I meant to post this song a few weeks ago and somehow never got around to it. This is the 1st song I wrote in 2012 titled, appropriately enough, “happy new year”. Well, better late than never!

The 1st file is an MP3 and 2nd file is a quick video I made using the actual fireworks that I experienced celebrating 2012 New Year’s. The cool thing about those fireworks is that it’s the 1st time I’ve ever been above the fireworks looking down and on occasion many of the blasts exploded on the same floor as our hotel suite, overlooking downtown Hamburg.

Anyway, I hope you like this song. Admittedly I was a little insecure about it but I tested it with a few friends and everybody said it was cool. So, there you have it. Happy new year!

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Get more KAMARY PHILLIPS music at www.PMG Music.com


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