Sunshine – Kamary Phillips

SORRY ABOUT your first visit here not containing an audio clip.
As I'm setting up new online shops for KAMARY PHILLIPS BAND, I'll be posting a lot of music that's going to be for sale soon on major, digital retailers like iTunes, Rhapsody, AmazonMP3, etc.

When you have a few minutes to spare, listen to the track and leave your opinion of what the song is worth in the POLL below. This info will help me determining what kind of prices to ask for. Thanks so much!

Interested in buying Kamary Phillips music once released? Drop me a line and I’ll let you know where and when to click “BUY NOW.” 🙂

Kamary Phillips Band Is Born Again

After several years of virtual nothingness, Kamary Phillips returns with an all new line up for an old act, KAMARY PHILLIPS BAND or KPB, that's been around the block at least once over the last decade. Follow the development of this exciting, original project right here!

The official Bio looks like this;

KAMARY PHILLIPS BAND or KPB was formed by Kamary Phillips, an American and European singer songwriter.

Kamary, who fell to obscurity following a brutal major label merger, returns to the spotlight once again performing his brilliant, soulful original catalog as well as original interpretations of rock, pop and soul classics.

KPB keeps it simple with the amazing Will Lovell (Long Beach Orchestra) playing Upright Bass, the energetic fireball known as Mark "JR." MacDonald (Wesley Music Ensemble, Plutonic) playing Drums and Kamary Phillips (Aimee Mann, Joe Cocker, Xavier Naidoo) sings and plays a mean Acoustic Guitar.

Keanu My Sad Old Acquaintance

I don't know how many of you are hip to the occasional online meme's floating around, well, on the internet. It's not necessarily new but I had to share the SAD KEANU one's that are presently the hot meme on campus. Particularly because I use to know this guy back in the day. In fact, he played bass guitar more than once with me at the odd Hollyweird parties of that time.

This current phenomenon started from a Paparazzi photo showing Keanu somewhere alone, eating a sand which and judging by the picture, he appears to be sad. If you ask me, he could have simply been in thought. People do that too sometimes... thinking. Try it out. You might like it and who knows, it might just catch on. :)

Porn Stars Are Good If Not Your Daughter

Poor Laurence Fishburne! I love Porn, Goddess knows I do and I realize that somebody's daughter has to be a Porn Star, or I have no favorite past time LOL! I just never expected Montana (whom I met in Venice some 17 years ago) to be getting paid for sucking ugly, white, cocks. Oh well, to each their own.

Montana and Laurence

Either way, I FEEL FOR YOU MAN! Now, if we wanna talk about wives that are Porn Stars, hee...hee.., now that's a different story altogether, ha!
Montana Fishburne aka CHIPPY D

A Family Affair

This is a great band I have the pleasure of playing with when in Germany. We call ourselves FAMILY AFFAIR BAND or FAB for short. Yeah, we are totally fab and we don't need much practice time and when we get together, we ROCK! I miss these folks and look forward to another meeting sometime before I'm too old to pick up a Strat.LOL!

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