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Yeah, I’ve been lame as of late my friends. I’ve been paying so much attention to sites I help others with than my own and yes, there’s been a lot going down. I don’t even think I can begin to catch up with the reality of my surroundings so… I won’t try. Either way, I’m here now and I’ll get back on track without a doubt. The funny thing is, there have been hundreds of hits here daily although NOTHING new has been going on. My big BAD. 🙁 Yeah, I’m stooopid. LOL!

Speaking of which, let me give a great big shout out to all the other stupid people cluttering the planet. Click the pic to get the point.

Here's to you dummies...
Here's to you dummies...

Happy Halloween From A Couple Of Witches

Being in a foreign country (meaning not in the USA) right now I’m about as close to Halloween as Hawaiians are to white Christmas’. Nonethess, I wanted to spread some holiday spirit and this was the only way that I found interesting. Likely because I don’t have any kids to buy candy for and I’m horny all the time, LOL!

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Apple’s Awesome, Amazing, Incredible, Really Great Video

Everyone knows I’m an Apple-head. Been one for decades. Remember the Apple Newton? I had the first to the last generation.


So it’s no wonder I was laughing my butt off when I saw this clip. It’s destined to become some remixed song at some point. Mark my words…