An Oldie But A Goodie For Your Soul

Just found this older clip from my softer side, ahhhh…. Came by accident and happy it did. Here’s my old band 4 Your Soul. That was one of the most unique ensembles I ever worked with. That’s how we used to do it–pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere, bring the show to them, they will come. Great live, pop music concert!

4 Your Soul – Circus

As many of you know I moved recently to North Hollywood, CA. In that process, I’ve found a lot of digital content that’s been sitting on various hard drives the last few years. This is one of those Gems! It’s a short film I made about one of my favorite German bands I had the pleasure to work with at times over the last 14-15 years of messing around over there as a professional artist.

Introducing, “4 Your Soul”.