Longtime Running

Yup, the end is near. The end of my latest production, that is haha! Here’s the first track from my new album “50!”, coming in October. Big shout out to my LAKOTA WARRIORS on the Native American chants–you guys rock! So, between now and October, I’ll post some singles. Just promise to play it loud and proud!

Longtime Running – Single by Kamary Phillips on iTunes now!


Fly Me To The Moon – Me And Manuel Vandemosselaar – 2008 Revisited

Since my recent performance with the Fink and Steinbach Orchestra, it inspired me to find some other types of diverse music that I’ve created in the past. In this case I appeared as my musical alter-ego, Mr. Cohen.

I love the whole Rat Pack era, particularly Frank Sinatra tunes. In the video below is the first time I ever sang “Fly Me To The Moon” and even more unique, this performance is done hundreds of miles apart from the guitar player named Manuel. We collaborated via YouTube and quite frankly, we never did communicate again after this experience. Who knows, maybe we’ll do another collaboration one day. He’s a brilliant guitarist so check him out.

Buy HAPPY NEW YEAR From Kamary Phillips With Your Phone

Okay, enough of you have asked for a convenient service to buy my music using your Cellphone/Handy. I’ll try this on a few songs and see how it goes.

Here’s the song to sample; HAPPY NEW YEAR

kp-happy new year cover copy

Now click this button below to get the song via PHONE.


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What’s The Best Way To Sell Rock Music

Hey, I’ve posted this poll on several different websites and it’s be great if you gave your opinion, as I know you have one! LOL!

What ever the result, that’s what I’m gonna do!


Happy New Year – The Song

Hello everybody!

I meant to post this song a few weeks ago and somehow never got around to it. This is the 1st song I wrote in 2012 titled, appropriately enough, “happy new year”. Well, better late than never!

The 1st file is an MP3 and 2nd file is a quick video I made using the actual fireworks that I experienced celebrating 2012 New Year’s. The cool thing about those fireworks is that it’s the 1st time I’ve ever been above the fireworks looking down and on occasion many of the blasts exploded on the same floor as our hotel suite, overlooking downtown Hamburg.

Anyway, I hope you like this song. Admittedly I was a little insecure about it but I tested it with a few friends and everybody said it was cool. So, there you have it. Happy new year!

Get more KAMARY PHILLIPS music at www.PMG Music.com

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Get more KAMARY PHILLIPS music at www.PMG Music.com


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