And The Winner Was

Hey y’all!

I was told to remove the content I recently produced and published here on MY WEBSITE which documented my first Casting Show experience. It was harmless enough. Basically video of my long train journey, audio from my singing moment and relevant images. Plus, the tail-end of some girl that sang before me and didn’t make it to another round.

Anyway, I NEVER READ the DOs and DON’Ts and documenting and sharing ones own personal experience is a DON’T apparently. Therefore, the content is not visible to the public. I do not subscribe to Censorship and in this case, I’ll take blame for not reading the fine print, as it were.

FOR THE RECORD however, I’m complying as to spare an Associate of mine from any stress that’s arisen from my BLOGGING. So, I hope EVERYONE is happy now and that peace once again blankets the planet.


Winehouse Was Clean

Here’s a little update for the few hundred of you that frequent this site. In case you haven’t heard and if you care, Amy Winehouse had no illegal drugs in her system at the time of death.

Why does it matter? I think it’s important to have the facts clear, that’s all. She’s still dead. She’s never coming back. But her departure shouldn’t be based on any rumors or lies. So far, it’s unclear why she’s dead considering the day before she was at a doctor who wrote her off as being ‘okay’, relatively speaking of course. Also, the day of her death she was playing drums in her flat, until the neighbors complained. Later that night, she died. Go figure…