Banned By YouTube

Okay, I’m not stoopid. 🙂 Seriously though, I’m a bit shocked at this latest display of American conservatism. What TF? Watch the clip for yourself however someone let me know in a comment what the problem is here. Or am I completely missing something?

This was an email I received today. Funny enough, I’d just checked the view count on the clip in question yesterday and was quite pleased with how many folks stopped by to check it out. Then, some 16 hours later I get this with “!!!” in the priority field. I was like, “Ah oh! What have I done now?”

_yt ban

Sad thing is the video (on youtube) was just about to reach the 3K views marker. Oh well, thank Goddess other major video distributors aren’t so uptight OR at least give you, as a consenting adult, the option to view what some lame asses have a problem with, in turn ruining it for everyone else.

_yt ban2

For those that missed the clip, here it is again. And from this distributor at the time of writing this post the video has been viewed over 3000 times from this site.

Thanks for not being a conservative party pooper and having an open mind.

4 thoughts on “Banned By YouTube”

  1. I reckon the rule for YouTube has to do with if they allow displaying breasts then there will be a lot of displaying of breasts on YouTube. If they allowed the display of other “sexual parts” … mmmm …. male or female …. mmm … then there would be a lot of videos on YouTube displaying “sexual parts.”

    Decision they gotta make I reckon? You reckon?

    1. Yeah, I rekon so BUT within the scope of the law NONE OF THE BREASTS are bare. It’s the NIPPLE that (for some stupid reason) determines that. Everyone has nipple covers that simply LOOK LIKE NIPPLES. That’s why I’m so peeved bye the madness.
      Thanks a lot for chiming in man!

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