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Everybody’s got a hobby, right? Well if not, get one. Great stress relief and as everybody that gets older figures out…stress kills–that and cigarettes, microwaves, energy sucking divas, walking around in Mossul without a tank, Donald Trump and toddlers playing with guns among other things.

Anyway, I shoot dogs. Not with a gun silly! Great fun, stress relief, exercise and way to meet new peeps.

Here’s a teaser,

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6 Month Anniversay With Bella

Don’t get too excited now, Bella is a dog. Sure, she’s the greatest dog there is and that’s why we are celebrating. Six months ago we rescued her and she is originally from Ireland – Ex-racing Greyhound. She’s come a long way indeed and I don’t just mean geographically. We are excited to see what the next six months bring. Have you rescued a greyhound yet? 🙂

A Family Affair

This is a great band I have the pleasure of playing with when in Germany. We call ourselves FAMILY AFFAIR BAND or FAB for short. Yeah, we are totally fab and we don't need much practice time and when we get together, we ROCK! I miss these folks and look forward to another meeting sometime before I'm too old to pick up a Strat.LOL!

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Bonny’s Last Stand

Bonny is the 2nd of our two old dogs. Buccy past away last year, more than 6 months ago. His partner, our beloved Bonny appears to be nearing her end as well. She’s got cancer and it’s in her head and mouth. It’s lodged behind her eye as well and causing consider pressure there too.

Bonny Phillips, 11 Years Old

Today, she’s started to bleed uncontrollably. Susy’s there (our home in Hamburg) dealing with the impossible situation and now waiting to hear back from the VET, a nice guy named Mat. It’s more than likely the case that Bonny will have to be helped on her way asap as the other alternative is this slow bleeding and that’s no way for our princess to pass on. I’ll make no assumptions however, that’s Mats job. We’re prepared and expecting the worst though since we know since Bonny saw a specialist, there’s nothing we can do. It’s just a matter of time now. 🙁

Love you Bonny ‘muschi-lein’ Phillips!