Who Do U Think U R

Hey friends and fans. Someone noticed I don’t say family, that’s cause I don’t seem to get no love from blood when it comes to buying my music. Thank Goddess for the few thousand of you hanging in there, or I’d starve to death ha! <3 U whoever U R!

Now to business. Who Do U Think U R is the 6th track from my new record “50!” Yeah, numbers can be confusing ha! Let’s debate this one! Ya’ll Donkeys will love it.

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US vs. UK Law Enforcement

Kajieme Powell, a 25-year-old black man was killed on the street recently because he approached police officers with a knife. This has yet again highlighted the extreme measure American police officers take against the public when they believe they are in danger.

The officers told him repeatedly to drop the weapon. He didn’t, so they shot him 7-9 time at close range, until dead. With several shots fired after he was on the ground. As if one or two well placed bullets in the legs wouldn’t have deterred the situation at close range.

In this video, you’ll see how UK officers deal with a similar situation and keep in mind, most UK cops do not carry firearms but of course, some do. First and foremost, the officers AVOID the danger, without resulting to murdering people on public streets.

The problem is, Police protocol. In the USA, officers are allowed to apply lethal force when there is “probable cause” that they will be physically threatened. That basically means any cop can say, “I thought the guy was gonna hurt me, so I killed him”. It’s such a wishy-washy and open ended definition from which hundreds of people in America die every year because of cops being allowed to play judge and jury on the job. Most of those deaths are black people. Fact. Now, compare that to the zero deaths from cop shootings in the UK the last two years up till now, and not a single UK cop being killed as a result.

US cops, “To protect and to serve.” who, actually? Are you really so surprised people of color are so pissed off? Wake up! How dumb are you all?

Just purely out of curiousity, I would like these Protester TV people or someone to kick some stats regarding the ratio of how many white cops kill people vs. cops of color. Any takers?

Fire These Fuckers

Hey Peeps!

If you went to work and did little besides having your thumbs up your ass and blocked everyone else from getting the jobs they were hired to do done, you’d be fired and rightfully so. Right?

But this Tea Party Congress thinks they can get away with it just that. Sadly, so far they have. Ultimately, we’re to blame if you believe in Democracy.

They’ve blocked nearly every single item President Obama has proposed, all while pushing an extreme right-wing 20120926-003131.jpgagenda that puts millionaire tax breaks before the middle class. Haven’t you had enough of it? Of course not if you’re one of those 1% Americans controlling all wealth. Did you know Mitt Romney has over 300 million dollars to his name. Yeah for him! But what about regular people like you and me?

Help us send 100,000 Tea Party Pink Slips to Boehner and Cantor! Just click the Pic or follow the link below and . add your name. It WILL make a difference.

It’s clear the Tea Party experiment has failed so lets ell them it’s time to pack their bags and get the hell out of our house!!


Do it.

Dangerous Tweets – Really America?

And you wonder why I’m always busting America’s chops? Read on and check out the new song I wrote (inspired by such nonsense) at the end.

Once upon a time I was in Atlanta Georgia partying with a couple of my English friends, from London. We had a great time. We got quite pissed from drinking micro beers! We totally destroyed little 5 points. But at the end of it all not one of us tossed our cookies! LOL! The next night, we went back to all the same bars and all the bartenders were happy to see us!

Now, why is it 2 people from England were recently not allowed into the country because of “dangerous” tweets? This happened to a guy and a girl. Apparently, the guy tweeted something to someone he knew saying something like “hey I’m on vacation, let’s hook up when I get back from destroying America.”

That little reference to “destroying America” was apparently enough for a legitimate threat against national security. Apparently it takes a genius to figure out the context of somebody’s random Tweet and there aren’t any working at Homeland Security.

Needless to say, the two had their passports taken and after many hours of interrogation, were sent straight back to the U.K., now requiring a special VISA anytime the Tweeter wishes to enter the LAND OF THE FREE-domless! Hey, I’m just sayin….

You can read the news report here.

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You Are What You Eat – Food Inc

Perhaps you’ve already seen this MUST SEE MOVIE and if so, make sure everyone you know has seen it. Yes, it’s scary and will likely change your relationship to eating but hey, that’s the fukn point!

For whatever reason, such an important and enlightening piece of work is quite hard to find anywhere in it’s entirety online, so feel free to DOWNLOAD the full film here!

Just “RIGHT CLICK” that link and then “SAVE AS” somewhere on your computer. It’s over 700 MB and worth the effort.