Another Reason I Hate Facebook

Or even more, that most of my friends’ lives revolve around this social platform. I think that’s what I hate the most. It’s as if, THE INTERNET IS FACEBOOK. What ever happened to your OWN website and related internet services…like EMAIL! Remember that?

Anyway, for the 2nd time this year I have been blocked entrance to my FB profile because I can not identify enough ‘friends’ that they randomly test you with. Here are screenshots of my ordeal and no, I don’t know any of those people. I assume they are FANS as that’s why I use any social network…. TO NETWORK. Duh…

Ring Of Fire Produced On iPhone 3GS

Being the ‘hand-me-down’ lover that I am, I ended up with my pal Leslie’s iphone, when she bumped up to a 4. It’s proven to be a great device for me and I’ve created an abundance of art with the thing; pics, vids and now, music.

Sure, I’ve used the microphone to record song ideas, thoughts, sex sounds and the like but now that Apple has released GARAGEBAND for the iOS devices, it’s literally a fukn studio in your damn poket.

On this recording RING OF FIRE, there are 6 analog audio tracks (2 guitars, 4 vocals) recorded via the iphone’s own mic and there are 2 digital tracks (bass, drums) played within the program. Here’s my take on recording with GARAGEBAND with an iphone. This song definitely deserves a video!

Ring Of Fire – written by June Carter, performed by Kamary Phillips, produced on iPhone

Spam Jam – Pocket Projector

Okay, alas! Something that someone might remotely be able to use in some abstract way or another, LOL! Maybe project KICK ME on peoples backs while on the Tram?

Dear Sir/ Madam :

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