Trump Oozes Truth

Having way too much fun with this project.

FACT: Trump is always one to claim breaking records. Then why hasn’t he picked up on this remarkable accomplishment we wonder? Leave it FNTV’s Investigative Journalist and Senior International Dude Bob R. Bobbins to get to the bottom of this swampy-ness.

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Talk German To Me

Yo peeps! I’m going to be starting 2018 “getting my German on”! I’m launching a new local/regional talk show based in Hamburg. It’s a primarily German-language broadcast however I imagine they’ll be the odd English segment here and there and generally subtitled (time/budget permitting). Be sure to tune in! (Achten darauf die Show zu sehen!)

Facebook Takes Profiles Hostage

Hello friend!

Thanks for stopping by. As my real friends know I always have something to bitch about particularly when it comes to Facebook. My latest gripe isn’t even a new one. It’s just come to the point where I am essentially fed up and need to voice my feelings and opinions about the world’s favorite social network.

Therefore I’ve created my own name for it which I call Facecrook. This is the first episode or installment and actually, I hope there’s no need for another but only time will reveal that.

Facebook will at some point deny you access to your profile, if indeed you have not yet experienced that inconvenience. This video is an account of what happened to me. Check it out and by all means comment below and let me know if you are in a similar predicament.


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You Are What You Eat – Food Inc

Perhaps you’ve already seen this MUST SEE MOVIE and if so, make sure everyone you know has seen it. Yes, it’s scary and will likely change your relationship to eating but hey, that’s the fukn point!

For whatever reason, such an important and enlightening piece of work is quite hard to find anywhere in it’s entirety online, so feel free to DOWNLOAD the full film here!

Just “RIGHT CLICK” that link and then “SAVE AS” somewhere on your computer. It’s over 700 MB and worth the effort.

4 Your Soul – Circus

As many of you know I moved recently to North Hollywood, CA. In that process, I’ve found a lot of digital content that’s been sitting on various hard drives the last few years. This is one of those Gems! It’s a short film I made about one of my favorite German bands I had the pleasure to work with at times over the last 14-15 years of messing around over there as a professional artist.

Introducing, “4 Your Soul”.

Whitney Houston On Oprah

I for one am old enough to remember this woman and her brilliance. On top of that, I’ve been in the music biz long enough to have experienced her (though indirectly) studio work so I know what a perfectionist, pain-in-the-butt, slave driver she was at the height of her career. WTF happened? Maybe one or two of these videos will shed some insight for anyone interested in such info. I sure am.

I am posting this because I just say a tour poster for Whitney while I was in town the other day. Apparently she’s on her way here sooner than later. So I figured I’d dig up something worth sharing besides the music, you know? All that you can easily find in YouTube I’m sure! But this interview? Might be a bit harder to come by. Either way, if you haven’t seen it and you’re a Whitney fan then it’s a must see.


Whitney Houston Interview

Music Monday On BTV – Who Rocks Harder

Hey folks.

I don’t do a lot of ‘cross-blogging’ but I just started this Bedrock TV thing and I figured once in a while I’ll expose you to some happenings over there.

All you Tweetheads know it’s Music Monday (every Monday) on Twitter and I’m going to start making a special video for the occasion, based on feedback from readers and watchers over at Bedrock TV.

Today’s theme, WHO ROCKS HARDER? Of course it could only be against boys and girls, ha! Leave your mark on the poll below the video please. Have a great week!

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