Dangerous Tweets – Really America?

And you wonder why I’m always busting America’s chops? Read on and check out the new song I wrote (inspired by such nonsense) at the end.

Once upon a time I was in Atlanta Georgia partying with a couple of my English friends, from London. We had a great time. We got quite pissed from drinking micro beers! We totally destroyed little 5 points. But at the end of it all not one of us tossed our cookies! LOL! The next night, we went back to all the same bars and all the bartenders were happy to see us!

Now, why is it 2 people from England were recently not allowed into the country because of “dangerous” tweets? This happened to a guy and a girl. Apparently, the guy tweeted something to someone he knew saying something like “hey I’m on vacation, let’s hook up when I get back from destroying America.”

That little reference to “destroying America” was apparently enough for a legitimate threat against national security. Apparently it takes a genius to figure out the context of somebody’s random Tweet and there aren’t any working at Homeland Security.

Needless to say, the two had their passports taken and after many hours of interrogation, were sent straight back to the U.K., now requiring a special VISA anytime the Tweeter wishes to enter the LAND OF THE FREE-domless! Hey, I’m just sayin….

You can read the news report here.

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