Over the years, I’ve had some amazing life experiences and done/seen things many people dream or just talk about doing someday. I’ve been monetarily wealthy and even famous for a time. I’ve met thousands of people and along the way have hundreds of acquaintances. I also have a few true friends and they can be counted on two hands.

I just need to share these words one of those friends shared with me a moment ago. It was in response to something I wrote in Facebook about the struggles of finding a place in LA I can actually afford since the current phase of life I’m in is of a poorer nature, especially relative to my current surroundings.

Kent’s words picked me up this morning. Thanks man, I love you.

“is reminding you the universe has the best in store for us all. Everything happens in an instant…..we perceive it as a linear process, your home and you have been aligned, it just hasn’t appeared that way to you….YET….it is about to….you will be so happy about the way everything works out…having money is an illusion of making things easier…not better……you’ll see….infinite love and grati..dude!”

One thought on “Friends”

  1. meeting you in your form as a person Kamary, came at a time of monumental (re)awakening in my life. I have always known you, I am just blessed to be aware that we are here on Gaia together, sharing this experience. Risa and I like to “go deep” once in awhile…discuss our galactic heritage and attempt to become humans in harmony as the cosmos is. When we spoke this weekend, the bind you and I have swirled in..your essence filled me with love. I revel in our friendship and understanding. Thank you for your acknowledgement.

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