Kamary Phillips Hurt

I’ve wanted to post this for sometime now but couldn’t find the dang MP3’s to put here. Now that I’ve landed back in Europe for a time, I’ve been able to hook up some old hard drives and to my happy surprise, I’ve found my version of “HURT” as well as Trent Reznors and Johnny Cash’s.

Here they are for your enjoyment. As you’ll hear, I managed to combine the two, to some unique extent. I love ’em all! Let me know your thoughts in a comment.

“HURT” written and performed by Nine Inch Nails

[flowplayer src=’http://www.EmpireMediaCompany.com/music/kp/hurt_nine-inch-nails.mp3′ width=300 height=26 controlbar=show]

“HURT” performed by Johnny Cash

[flowplayer src=’http://www.EmpireMediaCompany.com/music/kp/hurt_johnny-cash.mp3′ width=300 height=26 controlbar=show]

“HURT” performed by Kamary Phillips

[flowplayer src=’http://www.EmpireMediaCompany.com/music/kp/hurt_kamary-phillips.mp3′ width=300 height=26 controlbar=show]

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