Kamary Phillips Returns To Solo

It's been a few years folks and a few crappy record deals since I last called myself KAMARY PHILLIPS in front of an audience. Well, the deals are far behind me although some of the tragedy lingers on.

Recently, I met a fine, young gent by the name of Will Lovell and after he explained to me that he plays my beloved Contra-Bass (the giant bass Jazzers bang on) I was inspired to ask him for a little jam session. About 20 minutes later, literally, we were playing music together.

A week or so later, I figured it was time for our first public outing. You know, to test the waters. Here for your listening pleasure is that wonderful sonic experience, less one song (I forgot to press record) and rest assured, there will be more to come. I dare say, I'm returning to professional music and with a vengeance. My goal, to win a Grammy. Go on, laugh it up. I'm giving myself 3 years from today. Mark it on your calendars.


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