Vote Dammit

The only good tsunami, is a BLUE TSUNAMI. Vote DEMS dammit! Donald Trump is not only the biggest, proven liar (and to use his favorite phrase about EVERYTHING) ‘in the history of our country’, he’s not only NOT drained the Deplorables beloved SWAMP, he’s added more alligators to it! Just count the indictments…

360 Rock in Hamburg

Here’s a little idea of what a rock festival in downtown Hamburg looks like. Fun…!

[vr url= view=360]

[vr url= view=360]

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[vr url= view=360]

Landhaus Walter

Hier sind ein paar von meine eigene Lieder und dazu zwei Hendrix Interpretation.

Red White Black and Blue

Sonic Boom

Time’s Not Waiting

Manic Depression

Foxey Lady

Crosstown Traffic

Trump Oozes Truth

Having way too much fun with this project.

FACT: Trump is always one to claim breaking records. Then why hasn’t he picked up on this remarkable accomplishment we wonder? Leave it FNTV’s Investigative Journalist and Senior International Dude Bob R. Bobbins to get to the bottom of this swampy-ness.