RIP Buccy 1996-2009

Yesterday, last night and this morning all are a time I’ll likely never forget. I spent hours online watching the passing of our dog Buccy. Sure, everyone says they have had the best pet anyone could have but it’s simple the truth when we (Susanne) and I say it. Buccy, you rule. I miss you already.

"Buccy" The best boy dog around!

Saying goodbye was particularly hard for me since I could only witness it via a Skype (video) call since I am still in USA and my family (Susanne, Buccy, Bonnie) are all in Germany. Watching the Vet arrive and seeing how Buccy ‘seemed’ to be psyched to see him carrying the large syringe with the deadly sleeping solution in it. No joke, he seemed to know what was coming and relieved that it was finally time.

Though it was definitely NOT the time for me, as I was hoping he’d wait for me to get home in another week or so, I feel good knowing that Buccy was ready to go. It was a peaceful experience that wasn’t hectic, nor rushed and several visitors came by during the course of the day to say goodbye. Since we have a 9 hour difference, I found myself saying those final goodbyes somewhere between 4AM and 6AM. Needless to say, I haven’t had a nights sleep yet at the time of writing this entry.

Me and my best 4-legged friend.
Me and my best 4-legged friend.

Bonnie, our other dog and Buccy’s life-partner, survives him and like many old ladies, is in better shape than he was. He died at 14 years old. That’s an old dog. Bonnie is 10 or 11 I believe. Super fit, active, generally happy-go-lucky. It’ll be interesting to see how she deals with all this over the next days and weeks. I hope she doesn’t let herself go in to any sort of negative down spiral as there’s no reason she isn’t around another few years. I’d be happy to spend them with her!


In closing, I must say how proud I am of Susanne that she dealt with the situation in a wonderful way and stayed strong and positive for Buccy. Animals sense peoples energy as we all know. It was important for me that Buccy not spend his last hours around crying and wining energy. Though difficult, also for me over the internet, we all managed to save the big tears until after his heart ceased to beat any longer.

Thanks babe, I love you for that.

The dynamic duo.
The dynamic duo.

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