Turn You On Live In Studio

“Turn You On” remains one of my favorite originals ever. To this date it’s still never been recorded for an official release so it’s still up for grabs LOL! I guess socially conscious lyrics aren’t necessarily cool anymore, eh? 🙁 Rock on any way!!

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Facebook Takes Profiles Hostage

Hello friend!

Thanks for stopping by. As my real friends know I always have something to bitch about particularly when it comes to Facebook. My latest gripe isn’t even a new one. It’s just come to the point where I am essentially fed up and need to voice my feelings and opinions about the world’s favorite social network.

Therefore I’ve created my own name for it which I call Facecrook. This is the first episode or installment and actually, I hope there’s no need for another but only time will reveal that.

Facebook will at some point deny you access to your profile, if indeed you have not yet experienced that inconvenience. This video is an account of what happened to me. Check it out and by all means comment below and let me know if you are in a similar predicament.


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Fly Me To The Moon – Me And Manuel Vandemosselaar – 2008 Revisited

Since my recent performance with the Fink and Steinbach Orchestra, it inspired me to find some other types of diverse music that I’ve created in the past. In this case I appeared as my musical alter-ego, Mr. Cohen.

I love the whole Rat Pack era, particularly Frank Sinatra tunes. In the video below is the first time I ever sang “Fly Me To The Moon” and even more unique, this performance is done hundreds of miles apart from the guitar player named Manuel. We collaborated via YouTube and quite frankly, we never did communicate again after this experience. Who knows, maybe we’ll do another collaboration one day. He’s a brilliant guitarist so check him out.

Buy HAPPY NEW YEAR From Kamary Phillips With Your Phone

Okay, enough of you have asked for a convenient service to buy my music using your Cellphone/Handy. I’ll try this on a few songs and see how it goes.

Here’s the song to sample; HAPPY NEW YEAR

kp-happy new year cover copy

Now click this button below to get the song via PHONE.


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Another 5 Minutes

Once upon a time, like 10 years ago, I had my first so-called musical HIT with a song called 5 MINUTES. It’s a true story kind of tune about the past, present and a future hanging on a thin thread called Pregnancy, LOL!

Anyway, back then a Major Label snatched it up right away and we all had a crazy ride on the songs success. I’ve been lucky enough to have that experience a few times in my career and I’m right due for another round! It’s been a looooooooong time coming.

Recently in Berlin, I caught up with the young lady hottie that starred in the original video. Then, produced by big money, name director and subsequently had nothing to do with my vision nor what the song is actually about. Despite the video serving it’s professional purpose, I never liked it much.

Now I’d like to introduce to you the all NEW recording of a Kamary Phillips classic HIT, “5 MINUTES”!!! Also, stay tuned for a new video and I’ll once again feature the woman (Bille) to star in it. She’s down and Berlin’s only 2 hours away, ha!

“5 Minutes” written, performed, produced by Kamary Phillips

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A White Fender Strat For Kamary

Since I landed here in Germany recently, I’ve managed several cool productions as of late. However, one thing I wasn’t able to pull off easily was creating a Strat sound using my Martin’s and plugins. The easiest solution was to find a good strat….CHEAP! This Fender is tres cool and reminds me of Mr. Hendrix’s favorite whitey. Have a look…

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