A Family Affair

This is a great band I have the pleasure of playing with when in Germany. We call ourselves FAMILY AFFAIR BAND or FAB for short. Yeah, we are totally fab and we don't need much practice time and when we get together, we ROCK! I miss these folks and look forward to another meeting sometime before I'm too old to pick up a Strat.LOL!

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Kamary & Band “The Double D’s” To Appear At Go Topless Day

Yes, it’s true. We’re doing the gig on Sunday, August 23rd! We’ve got a few popular covers lined up that folks should know. I’m dickin’ around with an original specifically for the event but likely it’ll be an improv jam at some point with relevant lyrics. We’ll see. Will be a fun, party in the sun no matter how it goes down!

The Double D’s consist of Harley the bassist, Kamary the guitarist/vox and John the drummer and in my classic/typical form it will be our first show of all time. We’ll likely make complete boobs of ourselves but somehow, I think that won’t be too much of a problem.

I’ve got some new music available to hear and buy right here! I’ll try and have some CD’s at the gig for any old fashioned consumers still lingering around out there. 🙂