Killing Me – A Phillips & Phillips Single

Wifey and I did this song ages ago but for whatever reason, never officially released any version of it until now. Here’s the new, final mix and this marks our very first product release, meaning you can buy it everywhere! So, do it. We’ve got another 4 songs in production continuing our MUSIC MADE IN LOVE series which will be coming down the pipeline over the next weeks/months. Learn more about Phillips & Phillips here.

I Feel Good – Live Video From Left Coast Wine Bar

Here’s a video for your enjoyment from a live show in Glendale. My first ever there! Thanks again to JR MacDonald for playing Cajon.

“I Feel Good” James Brown vs Kamary Phillips

[flowplayer id=”2045″]

N Word – Live At Left Coast Wine Bar – Audio

Here’s some AUDIO for your enjoyment from last nights killer show. Thanks again to JR MacDonald for stepping up last minute on Cajon. Nothing worse than someone leaving you hanging.

Expect video sometime next week for sure!

“N Word” performed by Kamary Phillips and JR MacDonald

Kamary Phillips feat. Nobody Special

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been busy developing a new rock project which so far, is fukn cool!

Anyway, until then, here’s something completely different. Hang out with my X buddy M. Tipton and myself as we work on a set we’ll be performing live in Pasadena in the near future. We’ll be live at 7.30PM, California time on the player below.

Having problems? Visit our channel on Ustream for a direct signal.