#MusicMonday Live In NOHO

This should be interesting for any classic rock fans! I’ll be performing with my crazy band echophonics!

Pat’s Cocktails and BedrockTV.com present

The popular weekly Twitter Trend "#musicmonday" is also a live interactive, music event called #MUSICMONDAY LIVE, featuring PMG Music artist echophonics and friends, appearing select Monday nights at Pat's Cocktails in Valley Village (N.Hollywood) California.

Prior to the event, people FOLLOW @MusicMondayLive. Followers and Friends tweet CLASSIC ROCK song suggestions containing Artist and song name followed by the hashtag #musicmondaylive (example: Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love, #musicmondaylive). If your song suggestion is picked, you are eligible to *win fun prizes courtesy of Pat's Cocktails, Kerry's Cafe and BedrockTV.com!

*The winners names are drawn during the event and winners must be present to claim prizes. For live streaming events, digital prizes are awarded to global participants who must be watching the broadcast to qualify.


Had a brief fallout with Harley yesterday and today we made up. Ah… 🙂
Seriously though, we christened my new flat with this diddy we affectionately call “Christening”. I’m playing the Matchbox and the Whistle, while Harley plays Acoustic Guitar.


written and performed by Harley Duggan and Kamary Phillips ©2010

Welcome To Los Angeles

lala-landYeah, back in Los Angeles! It’s a pretty good feeling. My first full day back was Saturday, 23rd so today is day-three. So far, I’ve already looked at two places to live and seeing another today, went to a smashing party, had 2 jam sessions and played drums on this one ==>

, got a new cell #, met an old friend, went to a doctor, went to a concert but arrived too late, got an alternative medicine license, fought with my GF, got lost, joined 2 cannabis collectives, started building a website and social network for Mission:Control, nailed down a drummer for my band Echophonics, found a new German Speaking friend, started planning for a live music event in March, made up with my GF and a couple of other things happened as well.

Now to make some $ and move in some where before Feb. 1st.