Talk German To Me

Yo peeps! I’m going to be starting 2018 “getting my German on”! I’m launching a new local/regional talk show based in Hamburg. It’s a primarily German-language broadcast however I imagine they’ll be the odd English segment here and there and generally subtitled (time/budget permitting). Be sure to tune in! (Achten darauf die Show zu sehen!)

Every Little Thing Live on HR3 Radio – Kamary Phillips

I didn’t expect to find this video. Complete accident while clearing up a hard drive I wanted to take on a trip soon. I am quite happy I did – – I like it very much. Hopefully, you will too. You can always discover my music on major retailers like iTunes or my little label,

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Nutbush City Limits Feat. Kamary Phillips On Drums


Recently my girl Susy’s band U17 needed a drummer on short notice because theirs went away on vacation. Since drums are my favorite instrument and I rarely get to play them (never owned any) I jumped at the chance to sit in. Of course I didn’t know that singing was part if the deal. LOL!

At any rate I’m happy with the result despite never having sang (nor played) any Tina Turner song before and we all got along famously! Here’s the result!



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And The Winner Isn’t

Hey Peeps!

Yeah, I tweeted a few days ago about getting off my ass and trying out one of the um-teen Casting Shows dominating the planets entertainment spectrum. It seems to be about the only way to reach a load of people since Goddess knows record companies aren’t doing a damn thing developing markets for artists. At any rate, I DID IT and now when I bitch about it (as I have and will continue) I can speak first hand, LOL!

Here I am off to AND THE WINNER IS. My journey is all in German folks but the images will still give you an idea what a nightmare this whole entertainment system really is. Pity that the brilliant veterans that have already paid their industry-dues for decades, still have to result to this. I sure met enough of them while I was there! Hang in there gang! Don’t let the hordes of whining, talentless Teens bitching and moaning about how long they’ve waited and wanted and dreamed and worked for their stardom. Can I puke now?

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Hast du ein Problem den Video abzuspielen? Guck es auf Youtube an!

Better Than Myself – Stadelheim Prison Songs

I can remember being overly fixated on my X back then, as she was the motivation behind my irresponsibility; The immediate cause of my effect. The blame was, is and will forever be my own however. Had I cared more about myself I would have never reacted to her cruelness in a self destructive way, ultimately never physically being present at the location where I got arrested. If, if, if…

This song marks a turning point at that time where I realized a potential vicious cycle starting in my life and my willingness to step in and break it. The prison shrink (yes, everyone has to see him) gets credit for that personal breakthrough. Or maybe I just told him what he wanted to hear? I don’t know anymore. Nonetheless, this and many other songs played an important role with me getting my shit together.



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