360 Rock in Hamburg

Here’s a little idea of what a rock festival in downtown Hamburg looks like. Fun…!

[vr url=http://empiremediacompany.com/pictures/360/360_hh_kam_12_pan2_rathaus-sm.jpg view=360]

[vr url=http://empiremediacompany.com/pictures/360/360_hh_kam_17_pan_rathaus-sm.jpg view=360]

[vr url=http://empiremediacompany.com/pictures/360/360_hh_kam_12_pan_rathaus-sm.jpg view=360]

[vr url=http://empiremediacompany.com/pictures/360/360_hh_kam_15-pan_rathaus-sm.jpg view=360]

Talk German To Me

Yo peeps! I’m going to be starting 2018 “getting my German on”! I’m launching a new local/regional talk show based in Hamburg. It’s a primarily German-language broadcast however I imagine they’ll be the odd English segment here and there and generally subtitled (time/budget permitting). Be sure to tune in! (Achten darauf die Show zu sehen!)

Happy New Year – The Song

Hello everybody!

I meant to post this song a few weeks ago and somehow never got around to it. This is the 1st song I wrote in 2012 titled, appropriately enough, “happy new year”. Well, better late than never!

The 1st file is an MP3 and 2nd file is a quick video I made using the actual fireworks that I experienced celebrating 2012 New Year’s. The cool thing about those fireworks is that it’s the 1st time I’ve ever been above the fireworks looking down and on occasion many of the blasts exploded on the same floor as our hotel suite, overlooking downtown Hamburg.

Anyway, I hope you like this song. Admittedly I was a little insecure about it but I tested it with a few friends and everybody said it was cool. So, there you have it. Happy new year!

Get more KAMARY PHILLIPS music at www.PMG Music.com

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Get more KAMARY PHILLIPS music at www.PMG Music.com


Get the MP3 and Video of “HAPPY NEW YEAR” here, for $1.49!

Immediately after purchase, you will be directed to download your MP3 and Video.

And The Winner Isn’t

Hey Peeps!

Yeah, I tweeted a few days ago about getting off my ass and trying out one of the um-teen Casting Shows dominating the planets entertainment spectrum. It seems to be about the only way to reach a load of people since Goddess knows record companies aren’t doing a damn thing developing markets for artists. At any rate, I DID IT and now when I bitch about it (as I have and will continue) I can speak first hand, LOL!

Here I am off to AND THE WINNER IS. My journey is all in German folks but the images will still give you an idea what a nightmare this whole entertainment system really is. Pity that the brilliant veterans that have already paid their industry-dues for decades, still have to result to this. I sure met enough of them while I was there! Hang in there gang! Don’t let the hordes of whining, talentless Teens bitching and moaning about how long they’ve waited and wanted and dreamed and worked for their stardom. Can I puke now?

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Hast du ein Problem den Video abzuspielen? Guck es auf Youtube an!

Bonny Trashes The Flat

Well, since I’ve been gone its rather clear who’s missing me; Our Great Dane Bonny. Too bad she can’t express it in another way! I’m sure she’s suddenly bored and lonely since we spend pretty much every day together when I’m home.

A Bored Bonny
A Bored Bonny

Too bad she can’t manage to use a computer. Then she could skype me and we could hang out all day that way, LOL! Poor thing. I love you Bonny-lein.

Hamburger Driving To The Park

Though the majority of posts around here are clearly made FOR YOU, once in a while a post comes along that is more for me. Like this one.

I just wanted to remember my last drive I took before leaving this cold and grey place (Hamburg) enroute to a sunny and warmer place (Los Angeles). Then again, maybe I just want to remember DRIVING in general! I won’t be doing much of that in Los Angeles since I don’t have a car there. 🙁

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