Who Do U Think U R

Hey friends and fans. Someone noticed I don’t say family, that’s cause I don’t seem to get no love from blood when it comes to buying my music. Thank Goddess for the few thousand of you hanging in there, or I’d starve to death ha! <3 U whoever U R!

Now to business. Who Do U Think U R is the 6th track from my new record “50!” Yeah, numbers can be confusing ha! Let’s debate this one! Ya’ll Donkeys will love it.

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Aids Is A Mass Murderer Ad Campaign

I imagine these images were banned in most mainstream markets but perhaps I’m wrong. Since I have little interaction with the Mainstream, who am I to know. I’m just not cool anymore man! Anyway, these images hit home with my European heart so I thought I’d share them with the rest of yaw’ll.

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