Gas-Free, Emissions-Free Chevy Cars Reach One Million Miles

Okay, I think the whole hydrogen thing sucks but it’s a step in the right direction. Although the same step was made decades ago already with Jack Nicholson’s old hydro-beater which I posted some time ago.

Well, all those years later Chevy is still at it. Although I personally believe these jokers should be pursuing electric cell perfection, they’re bent on another fuel source which they can control and sell, tying consumers once again to the pump.

Jack’s Old 1978 Chevy Hydrogen

What the fuk happened to this country? Where would we be today if people had continued with such entrepreneurial spirit? And leave it to a Canadian (foreign) broadcaster, even back then, to pick up on it and share it with their world. Yeah, some things haven’t changed a bit. Kudos Kanada!