Ring Of Fire Produced On iPhone 3GS

Being the ‘hand-me-down’ lover that I am, I ended up with my pal Leslie’s iphone, when she bumped up to a 4. It’s proven to be a great device for me and I’ve created an abundance of art with the thing; pics, vids and now, music.

Sure, I’ve used the microphone to record song ideas, thoughts, sex sounds and the like but now that Apple has released GARAGEBAND for the iOS devices, it’s literally a fukn studio in your damn poket.

On this recording RING OF FIRE, there are 6 analog audio tracks (2 guitars, 4 vocals) recorded via the iphone’s own mic and there are 2 digital tracks (bass, drums) played within the program. Here’s my take on recording with GARAGEBAND with an iphone. This song definitely deserves a video!

Ring Of Fire – written by June Carter, performed by Kamary Phillips, produced on iPhone

iPhone Movie – Paranmanjang

I figured it was just a matter of time before someone got around to making a real film, using iPhone as the camera. I'm really looking forward to checking this one out for sure. Some years ago, I made a film with my Partner using only iLife tools, however no one really cared about that breakthrough. The iPhone of course, is another story and with the continued growth and inevitable domination of Android based devices in the hand held marketplace, the iPhone needs as much noteworthy hype it can get!

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Acclaimed South Korean film director Park Chan-wook is wielding a new cinematic tool: the iPhone.

Park, director of the internationally known “Old Boy,” ”Lady Vengeance” and “Thirst,” said Monday that his new fantasy-horror film “Paranmanjang” was shot entirely on Apple Inc.’s iconic smartphone.

“The new technology creates strange effects because it is new and because it is a medium the audience is used to,” Park told reporters Monday.

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iPhone 4 – No Lefty’s Allowed

I'm still a Nokia man I must admit. It's not for any lack of Apple love, that's for sure. Hell, my main computers are certainly Apple.

However, where the iPhone comes in to play, I've been sporting my ancient Nokia simply because, well it works and due to a lack of Apple $.

So all of you considering a brand new shiny Apple iPhone 4, think twice or at least think 2nd Generation, ha!