I Feel Good – Live Video From Left Coast Wine Bar

Here’s a video for your enjoyment from a live show in Glendale. My first ever there! Thanks again to JR MacDonald for playing Cajon.

“I Feel Good” James Brown vs Kamary Phillips

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N Word – Live At Left Coast Wine Bar – Audio

Here’s some AUDIO for your enjoyment from last nights killer show. Thanks again to JR MacDonald for stepping up last minute on Cajon. Nothing worse than someone leaving you hanging.

Expect video sometime next week for sure!

“N Word” performed by Kamary Phillips and JR MacDonald

KPB live tonight at Amsterdam Cafe

Kamary Phillips
Hey Peeps!

There was meant to be an ACOUSTIC LOUNGE happening tonight at the Amsterdam Cafe in NOHO. Since some musicians flaked, we took the open slot last minute and will perform live, as a band.

Since it's late notice, I don't figure many of you are available to come out and visit us, live and in-person-like. So for all of you, feel free to tune in after 8.30 to see what we're concocting. We're keeping it loose and open, so if you're a talented singer/mc type, don't be shy to come down and muck around.

Here's a player to watch the show from the comforts of your living room.

You can also click this link http://bit.ly/KPBlive to watch from my Ustream channel page.