Help Cook The Koch’s – Ban Brawny

I'm a member of the CCC, Compassionate Consumer Coalition. What this woman suggests in her email below is exactly the kind of strategies the CCC conjures up. IT WORKS! Especially these days with the power of social media, companies even picking up a negative wave around the Blogosphere will raise more than a brow.
Read her email and get the conversation started! That's how you too can revolt; from the safety and comforts of your own home! The American way. :) Seriously though...


From: Virginia White
Subject: Important Information
To: “self”
Date: Sunday, September 5, 2010, 11:23 PM

Hello Family and Friends,

I want to share some of my feeling with you today and I sincerely hope that I do not offend anyone. If I have, please blame it on my head, not my heart. Very recently I have been somewhat frustrated by the political news that I have been hearing and I am sure many of you may have the same feelings. I have several issues about which I will be writing, however, today I am concentrating on the Koch Brothers. You may have heard the same newscast which I heard and I want to ask each of you to take action in your own way.

The Koch Brothers are two billionaires who are extremely right wing and conservative. In fact it was their father who started the John Birch Society. The Koch Brothers are the ones who fund the extremely negative television ads and they also sponsor the extreme Tea Bagger Candidates such as Sharron Angle (currently running for senator from the state of Nevada). The Koch Brothers are also one of the entities behind the significantly nasty television ads during the 2004 presidential election. and who fund the Tea Baggers.

You may be familiar with some of the Tea Party “conventions.” Some of these people carry guns, many carry insulting placards picturing our President as Hitler, and many other offensive signs. These are the people whose campaign slogan is “I want my country back.” They are determined that our President will not succeed, who absolutely resent the fact that a Black man, an African American man is currently the leader of our country. These are also the brothers who funded almost all of the monies for the opposition of the Health Plan which was passed recently. Koch also funded a group called Freedom Works group which took credit for blowing up facilities.

I do not believe that all Tea Baggers are racists, but I believe that the Koch Brothers may be not only racist, but appear to be hell bent on stirring up hate, anger, and significant negativity, the kind that if allowed, will tear our country apart.

I did learn that the Koch Brothers are the manufacturers of Brawny Paper Towels and other paper products. I also learned that they own Stain Master Carpet. We basically cannot afford to have ads put on the air that repudiate Koch information. BUT WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IMPACTING THE PROFITS OF THEIR COMPANIES.

I am asking that each of you

(1) share this information with everyone that you know. Please google Koch Brothers, or Brawny to find out more.. Many of us have relatives all over this country. My family has a website and I will post this info on our website. If your friends and family do not have internet capabilities, give them a call or write a letter. Spread this information everywhere.

Second Thing

(2) Do not purchase Brawny Paper Towels, Paper products or Stain Master Carpet. We can have a lot of impact with our purchasing power. If you are aware of facilities that regularly purchase Brawny paper towels, please contact them and ask them not to purchase that product for their business. Tell everyone you meet NOT to purchase Brawny paper towels. It is absolutely necessary for all people that are fair and of good will to hit these extremists in their pocket book. Koch Industries are a powerful entity, but if each of us declares ourselves as a committee of one, write and communicate with everyone we know to get out the information about these people who are literally destroying our country.

In the state of Nevada Sharron Angle funded by the Koch Brothers has declared previously that she is against Social Security, against health care, and feels that people who receive unemployment insurance, people who have lost their jobs, are basically freeloaders. This is the woman who would also eliminate the Department of Education.

I am very concerned about the state of our country. Again, one of the ways that we as individuals can fight back is to refuse to purchase any products of those people who are hate mongers, who are trying to take this country back to the forties and fifties, who will ultimately destroy our country.

I am off my soap box for now. I will be sharing information with you about some of my other concerns. Again, please do not delete this message. Even if you can forward it to only one person, please do it. We can have a lot of impact on the finances of those people who think because they are rich and powerful, they can do anything they want.

AND – please remind your friends and family members to register and vote, especially in Nevada and California. I cannot tell you how to vote, but Sharron Angle must not win this upcoming election.

God Bless!