Starting Something Live – Whitney Houston, Usher And Miya

Whether you like the song itself or not is really not the point of this post, though personally I adore Michael Jackson music. Nope, it’s just to give everyone an opportunity to have a quick listen to real live music in all it’s beauty, high energy and imperfectness. Then you can go back to the world of playback. No worries, it’ll still be there.

MJ All The Way

I my small circle of a few thousand virtual friends, to my knowledge I was the first to report the tragic events concerning Michael Jackson. I figure likely since I’m here in the area and frankly got a call from another friend who was on the scene. This was almost 2 hours before the twitter world exploded. I just couldn’t bring myself to sit and write any thoughts on the subject due to personally being shocked by the news just as millions of others are in this moment.

I won’t go on with this beyond saying “Cheers Mike (he never liked being called that, ha!) and give ’em hell up there my man!” And for those without any clue of some of this great man’s extraordinary experiences, here’s a little breakdown;
mj stats