Red White Black & Blues – Lyric Video

Hey friends, fam and fans! Ok, last year I turned fiddy and took a hard rock trip. Thanks to all those that supported me down that road. That’s how I make a living. Ok, this year I’ve switched gears (as usual) and rolling with the BLUES. Here’s the first release called, RED WHITE BLACK & BLUES from my upcoming album “Sour Dreams”.

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Lost At Sea

Yo Peeps!

I figured it’s about time I posted something new, something positive. I’ve cooped myself up in my little studio world to work on a lot of new tracks for my band lately. In between I got caught up with producing a song for a new film, through one of my Los Angeles connections.

Now after listening to it several times I must say I am very, very pleased with the results. The song is called LOST AT SEA and it’s meant to portray that romantic, seafaring vibe that so many people have in their mind when they think about working on a ship or being out on the ocean.


If you take a look at the lyrics below, you can see the story of a man who is missing a woman. Yeah, I know, nothing new and that’s just the reason why this song works, ha! Anyway, give it a read and after that have a listen. Feel free to comment below.

Lost At Sea – written by PMG Music

It’s been three years and a day or so since I last saw you

For all I know you think I’m dead

On the eve after we made sweet love for the first time

A drunken fool got hit on the head

And woke up at sea with the world behind me

Many days and many nights sailing under the same sky

that you look up to with a tears in your eyes

Wondering just where I’ve gone because now it’s far too long

And it’s coming to the time where you move on

I’m lost at sea with the world behind me

Drop a tear in the ocean when you think of me

Your love and devotion will always haunt me

This sea of love in motion is floating me high above the ocean

I can see a child who’s loved and wholesome, your family

Can’t get beyond the notion it looks like me

Drop a tear in the ocean when you think of me

Your love and devotion is still haunting me

From ocean to ocean and sea to sea

Your love and devotion will always be

Like a tear in the ocean it’s so hard to see

Perpetual motion I’m lost at sea

“LOST AT SEA” written, performed, produced by Kamary Phillips

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Kamary Remakes Rehab

“Shame on you!” shouted the ‘hardcore’ Winehouse fan to a Kamary Phillips fan after the two audience members heard Kamary’s original interpretation of Amy Winehouse’s urban hymn, REHAB. Conflicts arose after someone from the intimate crowd of about 150 shouted, “Better than the original and I don’t like the original!” Kamary humbly commented, “It’s just, different.”

Moments later, a riot ensued and the disgruntled Winehouse fan-atic was pummeled.

Now, without further adieu, the song that sole handedly ruined the night for so many previously innocent people. 🙂


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Take Back The World – Video

I’m having fun making these karaoke style videos lately. Call it a phase. I’d like to make some videos starring yours truly and friends but it’s a hard winter and frankly, I’m too busy saving the world.

Seriously, I am trying. Are you?


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NOHO New Years

We had a great, intimate New Years hang at the studio of the great Randy Emata. Since Randy moved into our neck of the woods, we've had a new and important center to our little community of "analog friends". I'm personally thankful for Randy's friendship and continuous generosity!

Here's a bit of jamming, which we actually don't do enough of when hanging at the studio. I had the honor of joining these A CLASS musicians while playing bass and singing on this "USE ME" interpretation.


Here's a right cool jam. I really like the drummer on this one. I don't know his name however. Since I don't own drums nor have a place to play any, its the instrument I have the least practice on and which I enjoy playing the most. I try and play every chance I get at jams. This night, there were no bass players, so I got pulled into that corner almost all night. On this track, I show up around 5 minutes in, start playing bass around 7 minutes or so with Randy yelling chords at me. Rock and roll..."

This is a strange transition. I'm calling it FUNKY WHITE XMAS. First, I'm playing a funky-ass bass line (I still find cool as shit) that just doesn't catch on. It's like, no body's feeling it but me, no body really jumps on the jam. Then, Randy goes off on "Merry Christmas" or some shite, so I join him. I'm going back to that jam sometime.

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC is the perfect name for this track. Sick drumming skills going on. It's an island-y thing I'm doing on bass until Randy comes in slingin' his Steinway muscle around, LOL! It comically peters-out in the end with some 'famous last words'.

Yeah, this kid can play...and he shall remain nameless.

MJ All The Way

I my small circle of a few thousand virtual friends, to my knowledge I was the first to report the tragic events concerning Michael Jackson. I figure likely since I’m here in the area and frankly got a call from another friend who was on the scene. This was almost 2 hours before the twitter world exploded. I just couldn’t bring myself to sit and write any thoughts on the subject due to personally being shocked by the news just as millions of others are in this moment.

I won’t go on with this beyond saying “Cheers Mike (he never liked being called that, ha!) and give ’em hell up there my man!” And for those without any clue of some of this great man’s extraordinary experiences, here’s a little breakdown;
mj stats


I wrote this song in the middle of the night a bit ago. I knew then that I would only be scratching the surface of what it could be, however I wanted to get the idea down either way.

It really did begin with humming, then whistling and tapping on the table, just as the rough ‘web cam’ video depicts. In fact, that was the actual moment of coming up with the melody and vibe at the beginning of the clip.

Shortly after, I decided to put some lyrics and a programmed beat to that and it grew a bit, reaching the dynamic you are about to witness.

Will I ever Produce the track seriously? Time will tell just as with the Tens upon Tens of other rough ideas such as this one. This one is special simply because it was inspired by the woman who stole my heart as of late and the thousands of miles often between us. We’re still together in our way for no other reason than the fact that we are. We simply try.