Spam Jam – Mr. Robert Fabbris – Lucky Day Lottery

Welcome to a new decade folks! One sure to be filled with ups and downs, success and failure, love and hate, peace and war and above all…SPAM!

Let’s get 2010 crackin’ with my first Spam Jam of the year! It’s another nice check from the Netherlands. And you thought I loved Holland because of the weed?!

As always, I have no time to collect the fortunes that I am offered on a weekly basis, so feel free to touch base

I Got $!
I Got $!
with the Fabbris guy if you’d like to claim the 1 million plus as outlined below. Good luck and be sure to comment your experiences and how you plan to spend the money, LOL!

Oh, I particularly like the last bit…

NOTE: Please be warned, your winning and its entire information are to be kept strictly confidential,…

Blah, blah, blah… Yeah right! Wouldn’t want to get busted for scamming perhaps?
Good luck!

Lucky Day Lottery NL
Promotional/Sweepstakes Office
Laan van Hoornwijck 55
2289 DG Rijswijk
KvK: 41151075
The Netherlands.

We are pleased to inform you that your email address has won 1,520,000:00 Euro (One Million Five Hundred & Twenty Thousand Euro Only) in the Netherlands Lucky Day Lottery Sweepstakes promotional program, conducted 04-01-2010. This is a free promotional program sponsored by consortium of software companies, note that Lottery tickets were not sold.

For more information’s/procedure of your winning claim, you are advice to contact our processing department with the contact information below, provide them with your winning details below and your winning email address.

Mr Jerome Walter
Email: (

Your Winning Details.
Ref No: JTLI/772-5/7009
Batch No: 239/5557JS.
E-Ticket No: PUK-7708-217-777
Serial No: ML/9667/04465

NOTE: Please be warned, your winning and its entire information are to be kept strictly confidential, this is to avoid previous bad experience this program has suffered, such as abuse of this program by other internet user who use the name of this company for unscrupulous activities and double claiming of winning entitlement because of insecurity of winning information on the part of beneficiaries. Always call to ensure you are dealing with the right office.

Mr. Robert Fabbris
Sweepstakes Coordinator.
Visit our website at: Lotto is een onderdeel van De Lotto. Copyright(c) 2010s by De Lotto, the Netherlands.
The Free Lotto Awards is organized by consortium firm companies to encourage the use of the internet and promote computer literacy worldwide.