NOHO New Years

We had a great, intimate New Years hang at the studio of the great Randy Emata. Since Randy moved into our neck of the woods, we've had a new and important center to our little community of "analog friends". I'm personally thankful for Randy's friendship and continuous generosity!

Here's a bit of jamming, which we actually don't do enough of when hanging at the studio. I had the honor of joining these A CLASS musicians while playing bass and singing on this "USE ME" interpretation.


Here's a right cool jam. I really like the drummer on this one. I don't know his name however. Since I don't own drums nor have a place to play any, its the instrument I have the least practice on and which I enjoy playing the most. I try and play every chance I get at jams. This night, there were no bass players, so I got pulled into that corner almost all night. On this track, I show up around 5 minutes in, start playing bass around 7 minutes or so with Randy yelling chords at me. Rock and roll..."

This is a strange transition. I'm calling it FUNKY WHITE XMAS. First, I'm playing a funky-ass bass line (I still find cool as shit) that just doesn't catch on. It's like, no body's feeling it but me, no body really jumps on the jam. Then, Randy goes off on "Merry Christmas" or some shite, so I join him. I'm going back to that jam sometime.

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC is the perfect name for this track. Sick drumming skills going on. It's an island-y thing I'm doing on bass until Randy comes in slingin' his Steinway muscle around, LOL! It comically peters-out in the end with some 'famous last words'.

Yeah, this kid can play...and he shall remain nameless.