NOHO New Years

We had a great, intimate New Years hang at the studio of the great Randy Emata. Since Randy moved into our neck of the woods, we've had a new and important center to our little community of "analog friends". I'm personally thankful for Randy's friendship and continuous generosity!

Here's a bit of jamming, which we actually don't do enough of when hanging at the studio. I had the honor of joining these A CLASS musicians while playing bass and singing on this "USE ME" interpretation.


Here's a right cool jam. I really like the drummer on this one. I don't know his name however. Since I don't own drums nor have a place to play any, its the instrument I have the least practice on and which I enjoy playing the most. I try and play every chance I get at jams. This night, there were no bass players, so I got pulled into that corner almost all night. On this track, I show up around 5 minutes in, start playing bass around 7 minutes or so with Randy yelling chords at me. Rock and roll..."

This is a strange transition. I'm calling it FUNKY WHITE XMAS. First, I'm playing a funky-ass bass line (I still find cool as shit) that just doesn't catch on. It's like, no body's feeling it but me, no body really jumps on the jam. Then, Randy goes off on "Merry Christmas" or some shite, so I join him. I'm going back to that jam sometime.

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC is the perfect name for this track. Sick drumming skills going on. It's an island-y thing I'm doing on bass until Randy comes in slingin' his Steinway muscle around, LOL! It comically peters-out in the end with some 'famous last words'.

Yeah, this kid can play...and he shall remain nameless.

One Dead Comedian And One Sketchy Manager

When an artist dies there's usually no one to blame but the spouse, the doctor or the ever-present manager. In the case of the mysterious death of comic character Donny Richardson, manager Joe Manager came in to suspicion. Here's what he had to say to Paparazzi recently.

This comedy wave is essentially my response to an ignorant comment a comedian whose marketing I'd taken on less than 2 weeks ago, had made about me. AND I QUOTE;

You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not an artist. You don’t know anything. You’re just a clickety-clank computer guy.

Um, okay. That's original, I'll give him that. Anyway, less than a moment after that terribly uneducated insult, I opened my door and booted the putz to the curb.

As for the work I've done so far since creating Donny Richardson; Hey, this Hollywood. The show must go on therefore I'm looking for interested comedians that want to play the role of comedic host, Donny Richardson.

Whether we find our new Donny or not, I'm taking great joy in the fact that online searching anything relevant to the name Donny or Donald will eventually and inevitably lead the surfer to my Donny. Ah, justice is sweet.

Want more back-story and dirt? Read the Okrah interview!

#MusicMonday Live In NOHO

This should be interesting for any classic rock fans! I’ll be performing with my crazy band echophonics!

Pat’s Cocktails and present

The popular weekly Twitter Trend "#musicmonday" is also a live interactive, music event called #MUSICMONDAY LIVE, featuring PMG Music artist echophonics and friends, appearing select Monday nights at Pat's Cocktails in Valley Village (N.Hollywood) California.

Prior to the event, people FOLLOW @MusicMondayLive. Followers and Friends tweet CLASSIC ROCK song suggestions containing Artist and song name followed by the hashtag #musicmondaylive (example: Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love, #musicmondaylive). If your song suggestion is picked, you are eligible to *win fun prizes courtesy of Pat's Cocktails, Kerry's Cafe and!

*The winners names are drawn during the event and winners must be present to claim prizes. For live streaming events, digital prizes are awarded to global participants who must be watching the broadcast to qualify.

My Place On My Street

Well it took long enough, that’s for sure! At least now I can say I have found a place to live in North Hollywood (NoHo) and the location couldn’t be a whole lot better located. Pretty much central area of NoHo with a walkscore of 92 out of 100. Being the car-less guy that I am, that’s one of the considerations I’ve had all along.

And look, my street comes complete with a homeless guy sleeping on his resident couch. Now that’s one ‘couch tour’ I can do without…

[nggallery id=8]

Looking Like Home In Hollywood

…North Hollywood, that is.

Well it’s been a hell of a journey, full of disappointed and certainly not over yet, HOWEVER I’m going out on a limb saying that I’ve got a place in North Hollywood. A place to start out calling HOME. At 3×5 meters, it’s bigger than many bedrooms you’ll find under a grand and seeing as I’ve got very little shit, it’ll feel right big I bet. Tall ceilings too. Score.

Now time to hustle some work…

Of course it won't be this chaotic in a couple weeks!