Trump Oozes Truth

Having way too much fun with this project.

FACT: Trump is always one to claim breaking records. Then why hasn’t he picked up on this remarkable accomplishment we wonder? Leave it FNTV’s Investigative Journalist and Senior International Dude Bob R. Bobbins to get to the bottom of this swampy-ness.


The Beer Bike Rides On In Amsterdam – Amsterdam’d

Ah, good to see that good old European ‘for the people, by the people’ ideological way of being still full in effect. Recently the famous (and most original green technology transportation) multi-trike-like bike was rolling on thin ice after a whopping two accidents in the course of a month or so. That can happen if you’re peddling pissed.

The Famous Beer Bike Bar
The Famous Beer Bike Bar

Glad to see the city and the coolest way to spend a few hours seeing Amsterdam there is sorted out their row and are letting consenting adults take personal responsibility for their own public actions instead of allowing the actions of a few irresponsible adults define how things should be for the rest of us. Kudos A’dam!

Liar’s Square

I’ve decided that I do want to know the personal opinion of journalists out there. I personally believe the RNC’s Steele is a reactionary, political figure for a dying party. Where was a nomination for him before McCain? Just as the party reacts by having a person of colour heading their party (way late gang) is how Steele seems to blurt out ‘hot rhetoric’ before thinking. Just what we need, another Cowboy!