One Day – Stadelheim Prison Songs

Early on in prison, the time came when my then girlfriend made it somewhat official that we were through. Of course today I can hardly relate to even having been so madly in love with that person and without a doubt she’d feel the same way if you asked her. Considering she dumped me all those year ago and at a time when I needed her (someone) most, I’m sure I’m right.

After a mere matter of weeks it was clear to me that I had a good shot at running shit in my new world. My partner had over 14 years experience and at the time he was, I think, 27. So as luck would have it (or so I thought) I had broad access to resources and information, all at my disposal. But at what cost?

This song captured the breakup (in a dear John letter) and my realization that together with my new cellmate, I was going to rise to the top of the shit heap; C-Block in Stadelheim prison.



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