The Double D’s Talk Topless

Since we’ve been asked a few times already about the National Go Topless Day event coming up this weekend on Sunday the 23rd of August, we decided to do an official interview of sorts letting our friends know what the deal is and why the hell we’re a part of the deal in the first place.

9 thoughts on “The Double D’s Talk Topless”

  1. You Guys ROCK!!!!!

    Yeahhhhhhh I am so so happy you will be making the modern day Woodstock on Venice beach;-)))) Thanks for the wonderful promotion and see you soon!!!!

    LOVE and free nipples xoxoxoxox

  2. Wow!! You guys really do rock. We to will be marching for woman’s rights in South Beach on Sunday August 23rd, 2009 and you all are welcome to join us. Here are the coordinates:
    Time: 3pm
    Place: North Corner of Lincoln Road and Washington street in South Beach
    To make this march more impactful we are asking all women to be topless or just place something over the nipple area of your breast and all men to wear a bra type garment. It is to show the unfair law and the absurdity of this double standard. As we are stating free your breasts free your mind!!!!

  3. What a fun event! Venice Beach is going to become as liberated as a French Riviera beach! Let us all go topless! If that’s constitutional why not? !!

  4. Thanks for all the comments ladies! That’s what social media is all about, ha! Yeah, we’re looking forward to rockin’ the Beach for sure! See you all there in your birthday suits. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for helping change the world. We have one protest in Chicago North Beach House at 1:00PM. New York has legalized it, Illinois and especially California are lagging behind… Who knew! Join and make it happen! Yeah!!!

  6. Thank you Double Ds for supporting us women in this great cause! Eloquent, intelligent, good looking and great artists! Wow! Thank you!

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