Dude! Sorry to hear. I fucking hate this! Yeah there’s a menace and her name is probably KAREN!

This is happened to me several times over the years and it sucks. Mine was more political and less nudity, HOWEVER, one of my camgirls sites had related social platforms, which eventually got deleted. Fucking conservatives. They need a planet of their own, called Mars. 

Anyway, I like you.  No, don’t roll your eyes. It’s not like that. I know, you hear that all day every day from dudes.  I offered a collaboration last year because I believe. So I will offer again. You need as many alternative, residual, streams of income and web traffic, etc as possible. 

At one point last year, I spent hours which became weeks making my art (music, videos), all inspired by you.  My original intention was to share stuff with you and let you sell it in your world and keep the money.

Even videos, you’ve already published that have run their course can have a second life just involving another creator to do something with it on another platform. 

I can always make original music where all the rights are yours and you already have all the rights to the images and frankly there should be nobody trying to stop it from the typical algorithm leaching/searches for copyright, etc.

Essentially, we’d making kind of new music video band, bordering on NSFW, but not crossing that line.  Shit, we could probably call it an NSFW 🙂

I know you don’t need me, but you certainly could use me. 

On only fans I am Jonny Allan, the illegitimate son of Jimi Hendrix. I just got approved to sell and started making that profile yesterday. 

So everything I’ve just been talking about I will be doing with women I don’t know, likely from my camgirl sites. They will be nude, dancing, or whatever and I will make original music. Little or no visual art involved. But as you can imagine, some one will inevitably want such clips anyway. 

So, as you see, I don’t need you either, but I could use you. 🙂

You’re so incredible at what you do it’s silly. My concept with you lends itself to click bait and big subscribers if done right. 

Anyway, sleep on it. I don’t have all the answers and it’s a worthwhile, professional conversation to have. 

If you have iPhone, text or reach out anytime for free +1-443-600-8281. Or even better telegram, for content swapping.

A few of my straight hustles;




And naughty 

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Long and short of it, I am legitimate.

Cheers, friend!