Kamary Takes It WAY Back To 1922

Well, I couldn't resist grabbing this 1922 classic and making it my own. Public domain baby! A cell phone company was looking for some music and they wanted old school. I do mean old... They also wanted by 3pm and I got on it around noon. I budgeted about 30 minutes at the end for guitar parts. They were ringing in my ears so I already knew what I was going for.

When I plugged the cable in to play, I discovered it was a badly shorted cable and made nothing but noise. I repeatedly fiddled with it to no avail. All the other cables, were in my room mates car since our last gig the other night. No guitars kiddies. Maybe I'll be inspired by cellphones and finish this diddy up one day. Maybe not.

Some major artist will likely take it and make it happen big anyway, so just remember where you heard it first. :)

TOOTSIE” by Kamary

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