Coined A Phrase Today

Write till your ripe and read till you bleed Winos!

Recently in a random FB comment, I replied with the usual blah blah and this, “Write till your ripe and read till you bleed Winos!” Just sort of rolled on out over my fingertips. I thought it sounded cool enough at the time and made sense considering I was choppin’ it up with Wine Blogger, Jakki Heidemann. She rocks!

Then, some days later someone wrote to me via my wine blog Wine Time TV and asked if they could use the phrase on their website, less the Wino’s bit. I didn’t care however thought it was an interesting gesture. Nonetheless, in my context it’s playing on Grapes and Wine. How this guy would use it, who knows? It’s a Porn site. 🙂 I don’t mind stopping in once in a while looking around for my Phrase, LOL!