Better Than Myron’s Meat

Hm, tough call considering I've never had Jack's meat before. I must say however, I'm loving his attitude about Veg-heads! LOL! Also I dig the simple and concise way he explains his opinions. They just make sense, at least to me and likely thousands of other carnivores out there.

Myron, on the other hand, I do know. Awesome guy all around, less his lacking love for Cleveland Brown (though I won't hold it against him). He could easily TALK about his craft if he wanted to. Though so far, he lets his wicked BBQ styling speak for itself and in the end, he'll get the girl. Or at least undying admiration from her. I should know. After one BBQ with Myron's meat, my girl's been talking about him ever since! What ever happen to "a way to a Man's heart..." Damn girl, is anything sacred. Taking this liberation crap a little overboard if you ask me. Doh!

Nolan sent this clip my way yet I have some doubt as to whether or not it was on purpose since we haven't exactly spoken about cooking meat lately. Though he did have a wicked BBQ recently but we didn't talk much then either since he was passed out on his bed early on, ha! Ah, 4th of July mayhem...