iPhone 4 – No Lefty’s Allowed

I'm still a Nokia man I must admit. It's not for any lack of Apple love, that's for sure. Hell, my main computers are certainly Apple.

However, where the iPhone comes in to play, I've been sporting my ancient Nokia simply because, well it works and due to a lack of Apple $.

So all of you considering a brand new shiny Apple iPhone 4, think twice or at least think 2nd Generation, ha!

3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 – No Lefty’s Allowed”

  1. Well, I see what you’re saying, but as a semi ambidextrous left handed person, wouldn’t it be natural to hold the iphone in the right hand while using left hand to activate screen icons? The problems described in the clip apply more to right handed people who hold the iphone in the left hand while pointing etc with right hand fingers.
    Apple should have a better antennae system, no argument

    1. Cheers David,
      Now I see what you’re saying too. Your reply seems to address the HEADLINE. However, in this context LEFTY simply implies a left hand.
      Great hearing your thoughts!

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