My Place On My Street

Well it took long enough, that’s for sure! At least now I can say I have found a place to live in North Hollywood (NoHo) and the location couldn’t be a whole lot better located. Pretty much central area of NoHo with a walkscore of 92 out of 100. Being the car-less guy that I am, that’s one of the considerations I’ve had all along.

And look, my street comes complete with a homeless guy sleeping on his resident couch. Now that’s one ‘couch tour’ I can do without…

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Fat Cats

Yeah, the title says it all. Anyone that knows me knows I can’t stand cats for the most part. Having allergies of course doesn’t help however I wouldn’t like them anyway. It’s a character thing. I’m a dog dude through and through and not every dog. If your dog looks like a cat, I’m calling it off.

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Kam The Naughty Blogger

Yeah, I’ve been lame as of late my friends. I’ve been paying so much attention to sites I help others with than my own and yes, there’s been a lot going down. I don’t even think I can begin to catch up with the reality of my surroundings so… I won’t try. Either way, I’m here now and I’ll get back on track without a doubt. The funny thing is, there have been hundreds of hits here daily although NOTHING new has been going on. My big BAD. 🙁 Yeah, I’m stooopid. LOL!

Speaking of which, let me give a great big shout out to all the other stupid people cluttering the planet. Click the pic to get the point.

Here's to you dummies...
Here's to you dummies...