One Dead Comedian And One Sketchy Manager

When an artist dies there's usually no one to blame but the spouse, the doctor or the ever-present manager. In the case of the mysterious death of comic character Donny Richardson, manager Joe Manager came in to suspicion. Here's what he had to say to Paparazzi recently.

This comedy wave is essentially my response to an ignorant comment a comedian whose marketing I'd taken on less than 2 weeks ago, had made about me. AND I QUOTE;

You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not an artist. You don’t know anything. You’re just a clickety-clank computer guy.

Um, okay. That's original, I'll give him that. Anyway, less than a moment after that terribly uneducated insult, I opened my door and booted the putz to the curb.

As for the work I've done so far since creating Donny Richardson; Hey, this Hollywood. The show must go on therefore I'm looking for interested comedians that want to play the role of comedic host, Donny Richardson.

Whether we find our new Donny or not, I'm taking great joy in the fact that online searching anything relevant to the name Donny or Donald will eventually and inevitably lead the surfer to my Donny. Ah, justice is sweet.

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