Killing Me – A Phillips & Phillips Single

Wifey and I did this song ages ago but for whatever reason, never officially released any version of it until now. Here’s the new, final mix and this marks our very first product release, meaning you can buy it everywhere! So, do it. We’ve got another 4 songs in production continuing our MUSIC MADE IN LOVE series which will be coming down the pipeline over the next weeks/months. Learn more about Phillips & Phillips here.

Introducing Elegant Friction

Hey y'all.

I just wanted to make an official introduction to my latest musical mayhem called ELEGANT FRICTION. Since my last band echophonics never really took off and combined with the icky and tasteless self-serving business dealings of the drummer, I wasn't feeling it anymore anyhow. So, much like the remedy for a cheating girlfriend, find a nicer and hotter one!


Here she is in all her hunky-dory punky glory, ELEGANT FRICTION. I'm singing and playing guitar, Julie's playing bass and singing while Mark chops wood.