iTunes Featuring Kamary Phillips

It’s nice to see my music being sold online LEGALLY for once! So of course I’m going to help promote the sh*t out of it. I hope you stop by the world’s largest online retailer and pick up a song or three for your hungry iPod or other MP3 player.

Besides my own little online Disto-shop, iTunes, Amazon and Google-Play are the only places (right now) I’ve given consent to sell my shite. Anywhere else is pirating. Not that you care, eh? 🙂 At any rate, thanks to all my freaky online comrades for spreading the word to more than 150 countries where Kamary Phillips Music is available.


Take Back The World – Video

I’m having fun making these karaoke style videos lately. Call it a phase. I’d like to make some videos starring yours truly and friends but it’s a hard winter and frankly, I’m too busy saving the world.

Seriously, I am trying. Are you?


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