Facebook Takes Profiles Hostage

Hello friend!

Thanks for stopping by. As my real friends know I always have something to bitch about particularly when it comes to Facebook. My latest gripe isn’t even a new one. It’s just come to the point where I am essentially fed up and need to voice my feelings and opinions about the world’s favorite social network.

Therefore I’ve created my own name for it which I call Facecrook. This is the first episode or installment and actually, I hope there’s no need for another but only time will reveal that.

Facebook will at some point deny you access to your profile, if indeed you have not yet experienced that inconvenience. This video is an account of what happened to me. Check it out and by all means comment below and let me know if you are in a similar predicament.


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Getting Old Sucks

At least it sucks for some. If there’s one thing that’s got to bite about getting old, is all the young people hanging around reminding you how old you are! LOL! Like this kid for example….

I love it, “When I was a child…”. I’m like, how the hell old am I anyway? And the song 5 Minutes? That was a hit in Europe years ago so how does this kid even know about that tune?

What’s worse, my buddy Jeff sent me an eye-test that I can’t even hang with! I’m doomed…. LOL!