Welcome To Los Angeles

lala-landYeah, back in Los Angeles! It’s a pretty good feeling. My first full day back was Saturday, 23rd so today is day-three. So far, I’ve already looked at two places to live and seeing another today, went to a smashing party, had 2 jam sessions and played drums on this one ==>

, got a new cell #, met an old friend, went to a doctor, went to a concert but arrived too late, got an alternative medicine license, fought with my GF, got lost, joined 2 cannabis collectives, started building a website and social network for Mission:Control, nailed down a drummer for my band Echophonics, found a new German Speaking friend, started planning for a live music event in March, made up with my GF and a couple of other things happened as well.

Now to make some $ and move in some where before Feb. 1st.